Photoshoot in the East Village

tasch ev 1
tasch ev 2
tasch ev 3
tasch ev 4
tasch ev 5
tasch ev 6
tasch ev 7
tasch ev 8
tasch ev 9
tasch ev 10
tasch ev 11
tasch ev 12
tasch ev 13
tasch ev 14

Had so much fun a warm April Day this past weekend.  All the girls enjoyed the warm weather and wearing their Tasch tee shirts and I joined them in the Bianca tank for this impromptu photoshoot in the East Village.  The graffiti, sunny skies, some yummy food and drinks at Bob White’s, and the local color made the perfect back drop for some work mixed with play in the East Village.  Katie, Leila, Wendy and the awesome bartender at Niagara loved wearing the great tees while stomping all over the EV. I love seeing my shirts on an array of different girls and this time everyone styled themselves which was super fun.  I also may or may not get my own Ducati.  Send in pictures of yourself wearing Tasch, we always love seeing all the different ways our girls style their tops!



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