Fashionplate- Raquel maxi skirt at La Gamelle

fashionplate la gamalleThis week’s fashionplate is a much more indulgent meal then the last few.  It was one of those cooler summer days so I opted for our Raquel maxi skirt and a decadent french meal at La Gamelle on Bowery.  This spot reminds me of a more casual not as crowded Pastis/Chereche Midi.  Had a very yummy Bordeaux.  My dining companion and both started with french onion soup, so yummy and comforting in this weather.  Check out the cheese on it.  We then proceeded to split some oysters and the whole grilled branzino with ratatouille and a side of fries.  The oysters were standard.  The branzino was tasty although we had deboned and there were still some tiny bones it.  The fries were addicting.  We then decided to yolo and get 2 desserts.  He has a serious sweet tooth.  We ended up getting the creme brulee and a chocolate mousse cake both of which were very yummy.  The crowd was very neighborhoody and we thoroughly enjoyed our meal.  See the fashion part of the fashionplate with ootd deets below.

fashionplate french onion soup

OOTD deets by designer/brand:

  • Pearl studs from Tiffanys
  • Black leather jacket from Barneys
  • White v-neck teeshirt from James Perse
  • Black wedges from Chloe
  • Brown damier check Louis Vuitton Speedy bag

La Gamelle:  241 Bowery, NYC

xx Tasch


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