Fashionplate- Pink Floyd Vintage tee at Seamore’s Chelsea

Check out the latest fashionplate featuring our customized repurposed Pink Floyd vintage tee at Seamore’s in Chelsea.  Met the girlies here for a weekday catchup dinner on one of those in between summer days. I love the original Nolita location so was stoked when they opened a location in my hood. It took a while to get a table so we got some wine in the cute downstairs speakeasy.  Once we were seated we ordered more wine and split the mac and cheese which was yummy.  Then I got the seared fish burrito which was good and came with a great kale salad.  One of my friends got the veggie version of this.  My last gf got the seared scallops special which looked delish.  All in all it was yummy dinner and I’ll be back.  Tip make a res or come early.  See how I styled this fashionplate below.


OOTD deets by designer/brand:

    • Cream veda leather jacket
    • Gold horseshoe studs from baublebar
    • denim shirts from Guess
    • Grey suede rag&bone sandals

Seamores:  161 8th Ave, NYC

Fashionplate- Goldie bodysuit at Pig Bleecker

Check out a brunchtime fashionplate featuring our Goldie bodysuit at Pig Bleecker.  For a catch up brunch with the bestie we decided to finally check out Pig.  I got a Bleecker Southside and a cold brew to drink because you know I’m a trap queen, errr beverage queen.  We then decided to splitzies a bunch of things.  The pigs in doughnuts weren’t as good as we expected.  However everything else was great.  The veal meatballs were tender and flavorful with lots of sauce and cheese.  The mac and cheese with goldfish was pretty bomb.  We also dug the burger and fries.  All in all a fatty meal that required a leisurely walk home.  See how I styled this fashionplate below.

OOTD deets by designer/brand:

    • Black denim levi’s cutoffs
    • White studded bracelet from bcbg
    • Tan suede Giavonti Rossi fringe sandals

Pig Bleecker:  155 Bleecker St, NYC

Rock And Roll Tequila and Guns N Roses Customized tee

Check out Carla in our customized re purposed Guns N Roses vintage tee and her tasty fun Rock and Roll Tequila Blue rockaritas below and on her blog.


rock and roll



Do You want to find out why the Rock’N’Roll Tequila has to be served loud? You can start by listening to the playlist and clicking the button read more.

A few weeks ago I showed you different ways to wear rock and roll shirts around the story of great bands. Today I am mixing some of my Axl Rose’s fashion looks with the Rock and Roll Tequila style.  Miss Caipi came out with a refreshing cocktail recipe inspired by the creativity of the brand package and taste. I love the idea to be able to mix three passions of mine: fashion, rock and roll and mixology.

rock and roll

I remember when I first received the case of Rock and roll tequila, I was so obsessed by the bottle and case designs; I was thinking to myself that if one day I have my own liquor brand it would be something as creative as this Tequila package. It is an entirely stand out product hitting the market.

rock and roll

The Rock and roll Tequila is a triple distilled tequila available in select cities going around spreading the word about the brand with their tour “Serve Loud.” By product package and taste I am sure they are getting an enormous amount of attention!

rock and roll

Since Margarita is the most popular cocktail in the USA, my mix was originated around something refreshing with a lot of rock vibes around the cocktail. For my recipe, I used The Rock and Roll Tequila Mango which has super natural flavor with no sugar added.

rock and roll

I was able to create a balanced margarita mix type including freshly squeezed lime juice, blue curaçao, and the Rock and roll Mango flavor. The Blue Rockerita Caipi rocks and it is super easy to make.

rock and roll

Blue Rockerita Caipi Recipe

rock and roll

1.5 Oz of Rock’N’Roll Tequila Mango flavor

½ Squeezed Lime fresh juice

1 Oz  of cherry nectar

1 Oz of Blue Curaçao


Combine all the ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake well. In a glass filled with ice pour the cocktail and if you want you can garnish your blue Rockerita with a pineapple musical note.

rock and roll

To rock this cocktail to the fullest, You have to serve loud, listen to your best rock music and enjoy your Blue Rockerita Caipi to the best. I am so happy to be able to combine rock fashion and a refreshing cocktail all in the same concept!

Exclusive Collaborations

Liquor Brand: Rock’N’Roll Tequila

Fashion looks Pictures: Jason Alexander

Guns’N’Roses T Shirt: TaschNY

Bar Shoot Location: Skinny Bar NYC

rock and roll

Are You are ready to get some Rock’N’Roll Tequila and start to shake your Blue Rockeritas? It is important you serve loud and invite some friends over to complete the party. Use the comment box below to share your thoughts about the brand and cocktail recipe and the share buttons below to spread the word around.

Have a great day!

Fashionplate- Polka dot maxi skirt at Aroqa

This week’s fashionplate features our navy polka dot maxi skirt at Aroqa in Chelsea.  I love the simplicity of the our chiffon side slit maxi skirt on a hot summer day so thought it was perfect to meet a friend to catch up over drinks.  Aroqa looked cute and is an Indian fusion spot in the hood.  It was pretty empty on Thursday evening and we sat at the bar.  Their specialty cocktails are amazing.  I had one with dry ice and then opted for another one for my second cocktail.  My friend also enjoyed her cocktails as well.  I will be back to try food.  Check out how I styled this fashionplate below.

OOTD deets by designer/brand:

    • White Airlie crop top
    • White studded bracelet from bcbg
    • Gold hoop huggies from Rebecca Minkoff
    • Black leather soludos espadrilles.

Aroqa:  206 9th Ave, NYC

Fashionplate- Goldie bodysuit at Motel Morris

Check out the latest fashionplate featuring our Goldie bodysuit at Motel Morris.  I have been trying to check out more local places in the hood lately and have been wanting to eat at Motel Morris for a while.  We ended up grabbing seats at the bar as the place was pretty jammed for a Tuesday night.  We started with some wine and decided to split a bunch of things.  The pimento cheese deviled eggs were delish and had a bit of spice added to them.  We also had to get the fries which were great.  The potato and cheddar pierogies were also yummy and had lobster and mushrooms with it.  We were in between getting  the burger and the skirt steak and ended up with the skirt steak. It had a gruyere fondue which was absolutely delish.  I loved the cute decor of the place and the bathrooms totally reminded me of LA, kitschy and cute and pink.  See how I styled this fashionplate below.

OOTD deets by designer/brand:

    • Cream leather jacket from Veda
    • Denim highrise shorts from Levis
    • Tan perforated booties from rag&bone

Motel Morris:  132 7th Ave, NYC


xx Tasch

Fashionplate- Repurposed Customized Vintage AC/DC tee at While We Were Young

Check out the latest fashionplate featuring our repurposed customized vintage AC/DC tee at While We Were Young.  One of my girlfriends and me have been wanting to check this place out for a while so we decided on going to brunch at noon in order to snag a table.  It’s a super cute spot in the West Village and we love the pink and pastel vibes going on here.  We started with iced coffees and cocktails.  My friend got the While We Were Young and I got the Bradford’s Mistress which was not too sweet and slightly smokey.  Both are super gorg shades of pink to boot.  We both got the truffle omelet which was very good.  As expected it was mostly girls, I wouldn’t drag my man here.  I think their was one bf who was being a good trooper.  But definitely a girls catchup spot in my book.  See how I styled this fashionplate below.

OOTD deets by designer/brand:

    • Black multi polka dot bra from Agent Provocateur
    • Denim cutoffs from rag&bone
    • Blush rose espadrille sneakers from Soludos

While We Were Young:  183 W 10th St, NYC


xx Tasch

Fashionplate- Eyelet Shorts at Mad Dog & Beans Mexican Cantina

Check out this week’s fashionplate featuring our white eyelet shorts at the new midtown location of Mad Dog & Beans.  I love mexican and I love the downtown location of this spot for happy hour. Sat at the bar and ordered there delish margs and the nachos.  I love that their nachos because each chip has beans and lots of cheese on it, so good I kind of want more as I’m writing this.  Our bartender Chrissy was so sweet and nice.  She was the only one working that day and it was quite busy but she always had a smile.  There are a lot of suits here so I was dressed a little too trendy but see how I styled this fashionplate below.

OOTD deets by designer/brand:

    • Turquoise rag&bone blazer
    • Brown/gold knot Victoria sport crop top
    • Vintage olive lace up sandals

Mad Dog & Beans Mexican Cantina:  5 E 38th St, NYC


xx Tasch

Check out our repurposed vintage tees on the Fashion Mixologist!

Check out our repurposed vintage band tees on Carla’s the Fashion Mixologist


You can email for a full list of which tees I have available for sale.

rock and roll shirt



If You love Rock and roll as much as I do this post is for you! I will show you 10 different ways to style a rock and roll shirt remembering some of these great bands and their hits. To embark on this journey starting by turning on the playlist and click the button read more below. Let’s rock Everybody!

Guns’N’ Roses

She’s got a smile it seems to me
Reminds me of childhood memories
Where everything
Was as fresh as the bright blue sky…
( Sweet Child O’Mine)


I had so much fun shooting and remembering all Axl Rose most memorable looks from Guns’N’Roses, one of the most popular bands from the beginning of 90’s era. I am sure if you are from this time, you’d remember well some of their famous hits:  Welcome to Jungle, Sweet Child O’Mine, Paradise City or November rain. Yes, they made history, and they are back playing their concerts in a Worldwide tour.

I think this is the most original Axl look when the band first came out: Black Leather pants, bandana, aviator sunglasses paired with a Guns’N’Roses T-shirt. The rock and roll shirt material is a soft blend of cotton and customed made distressed by Tashnyc.

rock and roll shirt

Photography: Jason Alexander

The patriotic pieces were standard in his concerts wardrobe, with 4th of July celebrations still lingering around I found it was a good time to put this look together. You can wear the rock and roll shirt tied in a knot paired with a patriotic boxer and don’t forget to wear your red bandana to finalize the look. The bandanas are a must-have accessory for this season.

rock and roll shirt

I saw a picture of Axl Rose wearing a cop hat, which brought me the inspiration for this look: pairing the rock and roll shirt with high waisted skinny light jeans, suede boots, and the Russian soldier hat.

rock'n'roll t-shirt

Photography:Jason Alexander

rock'n'roll t-shirt

The Beatles

Michelle ma belle
sont les mots qui vont très bien ensemble,
très bien ensemble
I love you, I love you…

I cannot even tell how much I love The Beatles; I remember playing my mom’s old Beatles vinyl records and memorizing the lyrics. I learned a lot of English by listening and singing their songs. Like Twist and Shout, Hey Jude, All my loving, Michelle, Yesterday, Let It Be.

rock'n'roll t-shirt

I embraced a little bit of the 60’s look wearing a black deep V romper paired with the Rock and Roll shirt. It has a lot of details; the design is very creative and versatile.  The fabric is so high quality that you will be able to wear for a long time.

rock'n'roll t-shirt

Photography: Jason Alexander

The coolest thing I like about this Beatles shirt is the versatility to wear; the reversible Beatles logo can be worn in the front or backward as you will see in the second look.

rock'n'roll t-shirt

For this look, I wore a denim overall dress paired with a denim cap and gladiator wedges. It is good option for the hottest summer days.

rock'n'roll t-shirt

It is nice when We can wear the same top in different ways, for this look The Beatles logo is on the back.

rock'n'roll t-shirt


Hey! Ho! Let’s Go… ( Blitzkrieg Bop- Ramones)

Ramones were the pioneers of the Punk Rock style and influenced a whole generation with their sound and fashion too. They came during the disco time where everybody was wearing glittering outfits and changed the scene by wearing their leather jackets and distressed jeans. Later The British Punk invasion would take place which Sex Pistols and The Clash were part of it. And in the 90’s Green Day brought back the punk style. Ramones played at the legendary CBGD where the Punk music and other famous bands started their careers. Some of their biggest hits are: Blitzkrieg Bop, Rockaway Beach, Teenage Lobotomy, I wanna be sedated.

rock'n'roll t-shirt

The rock and roll shirt I am wearing is a distressed long loose style. In the first look with a tank midi dress, with a tied knot to the side and a pair of k-swiss white sneakers. A look that I would wear to go to work. It is comfortable and fits the casual co-shared workspace environment.

rock'n'roll t-shirt

The Bridgehampton Backpack from Solo Bags is part of my everyday look. I love how it can hold all my devices and accessories I have to carry, which makes my life easier. More importantly, it doesn’t give me backaches because it balances the weight so well.

rock'n'roll t-shirt

For the second Ramones look, I paired the Rock’n’roll T-shirt with a black pair of leggings and a dark Rayban Wayfarer sunglass remembering Joye Ramone style, who was always wearing dark sunglasses.

rock'n'roll t-shirt

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd came out in the 60’s and is well known for their psychedelic rock and elaborated concerts. I grew up listening to their songs; it was part of my mom’s collection. The album, The Dark Side of the Moon, is one of the best-selling albums of all time. Among their biggest hits you can find: Wish You were here, Time, Another Brick in the Wall, Money.

For the first look, I am pairing the distressed rock and roll shirt with an A-line mini burgundy skirt, an asymmetrical pair of hanging earrings and a black necklace, incorporating some of the hippie vibes of Pink Floyd’s time.

rock'n'roll t-shirt

Photography: Jason Alexander

rock'n'roll t-shirt

For the second look, I paired the rock and roll shirt with the distressed white shorts. The T-shirts cotton is so soft that gives you more options to style it in the way you prefer.  I would say this is the perfect festival look.

rock'n'roll t-shirt

For the third look, I paired the Rock’n’Roll T-shirt with a black tube skirt for a more sophisticated style that you can use for happy hour times.

rock'n'roll t-shirt

Especial Collaborations:

Photography: Jason Alexander

Rock and roll Shirts: TaschNYC

Bridgehampton Backpack: Solo Bags

Similar Looks to shop:

I can’t tell you how much fun I had while writing this article and sharing some of the stories of these great bands wearing these rock and roll shirts. Fashion and rock and roll seems to be a perfect combination to me. If you are familiar with any of these bands, what is your favorite song?

Leave your comments in the box below and use the buttons to share this post with your friends.

Have a great weekend my friends!:)

Fashionplate-Farrah Romper at Empire Diner

Check out the latest fashionplate at Empire Diner featuring our knit Farrah romper.  Empire Diner has been around forever but has constantly changed owners.  Now it is owned by the Cafeteria Group so naturally loving their mac and cheese I needed to check out for brunch with the boy.  It was sticky humid day so I opted for our Farrah knit romper with crochet back for this fashionplate.  We were seated immediately.  They were out of the green juice so instead I got a red juice which was still good and detoxifying.  He got the smoothie which wasn’t sweet enough for him.  The burger looked sick on instagram, I know I’m millennial, shoot me.  However it wasn’t very seasoned, I really wanted it to be amazeballs.  The fries were solid though.  He got the omelette which was just meh for him.  Our service was a bit slow too.  There were mostly couples and some groups of girls and families.  See how I styled this fashionplate below:

OOTD deets by designer/brand:

    • Gold spiked Rebbeca Minkoff huggie earrings
    • Tortoise shell Dita sunnies
    • Gold havianas flip flops

Empire Diner:  210 Tenth Ave., NYC


xx Tasch

Fashionplate- Jacqueline Striped Kimono

This week’s fashionplate features our Jacqueline striped kimono at one of my fav mini chains Mexicue.  Went here for lunch and sat at the bar and I had to order the Spiked Palmero which is delish, bourbon spiked iced tea with limeade so good.  I love their queso so I had to get there, fab as always.  Their menu has changed to smaller portions which I kind of dig.  I got the spicy brisket enchilada which was cheesy and spicy right up my ally.  I was dressed a little risque for the lunch crowd but it was hot out so whatevs.  I’ll definitely be back for their happy hour.  See how rocked this fashionplate below.   Shout out to the friendly bartender Mario!

OTD deets by designer/brand:

    • Gold spiked Rebbeca Minkoff huggie earrings
    • White cropped Privacy Please henley tank
    • Denim rag&bone cutoffs
    • White leather studded bcbg bracelet
    • Brown Louis Vuitton damier speedy bag
    • Tan woven rag&bone booties

Mexicue  160 Eighth Ave., NYC

Fashionplate- Chambray Shirtdress at Gallo de Oro

The latest fashionplate features our Chambray shirtdress at Gallo de Oro. Got some margs and Mexican here after a day of sourcing, an early dinner of sorts.  We ended up eating outside.  Of course I had to get a margarita and it was happy hour, so cheap and strong.  We started with some queso which was bit too liquidy for my taste but I ate it anyway because I don’t let cheese go to waste.  We got the chicken quesadillas which needed more cheese.  The chorzio tacos were the best thing we got. This place wasn’t very crowded so maybe my fault for going here.  This place was meh, so many other mexican places have better food than here plus outdoor seating.  See how I styled my fashionplate below.

OTD deets by designer/brand:

    • Black Prada Glasses
    • Tigers eye bracelet from Friday and Dapper
    • White perforated booties from rag&bone

Gallo de Oro:  1 Seventh Avenue South, NYC

Fashionplate- Goldie bodysuit at Massoni

Check out this week’s fashionplate featuring our black and white cross print Goldie bodysuit at Massoni at the Arlo Hotel Nomad.  Met some girlfriends here on a Thursday evening for a wine, pizza and gossip catch up sess.  We started at the bar with white wine and rose and then moved to a cozy banquette to eat.  We started with the burrata which was creamy and yummy.  We then split two pizzas- mushroom and the spicy sausage.  We enjoyed both the mushroom pie was cheesy and creamy.  The spicy sausage was pretty spicy and the ranch on the side helped to cool things down.  It wasn’t crazy full for a Thursday evening but due to the nice weather a lot of people were probably at the new rooftop bar upstairs.  See how I styled this fashionplate below.

OTD deets by designer/brand:

    • Camo print shirt jacket from Forever 21
    • Gold and pearl ear cuff from Bauble Bar
    • Gold star earring from Jewelmint
    • Silver cross necklace from Jennifer Zeuner
    • Gold bangle from my parents that they got in India
    • Black leather perforated shorts from Rails
    • White perforated booties from rag&bone

Massoni: 11 E 31st St, New York, NY

xx Tasch



Fashionplate- New velvet shorts at Whitmans Hudson Yards

This week’s fashionplate features our pink velvet shorts at the new Whitmans Hudson Yards.  Met some friends here for lunch after a much needed day of beauty.  This location isn’t as crowded at the original East Village location.  We got some beers and wine.  I love the burgers but had had a burger the other day so I opted for their philly cheesesteak which is also delish I got double cheese on it because I love cheese.  The cheesesteak comes with fries.  Burgers do not come with fries.  The juicy lucy is also a big hit.  The hound is also delish.  This location is much bigger and they deliver to me which I love.  See how I styled this fashionplate below.

OOTD deets by designer/brand:

    • Black argyle J Crew cardi
    • Cream lace bralette from Victoria’s Secret
    • White converse high top sneakers

Whitmans Hudson Yards: 331 10th Ave., New York, NY

xx Tasch

Fashionplate- Ramones re-purposed vintage tee at Blue Ribbon Federal Grill

This fashionplate features our re-purposed Ramones vintage tee at Blue Ribbon Federal Grill.  Met the bestie here for brunch on a rainy weekend.  We had some cocktails.  My friend got the prix fix fried chicken while I got the Blue Ribbon.  I added cheese to my friend chickn sandwich and it was delicious.  We also split the cheesy spatzle which was great.  Got to try out some of the cookies too.  It was pretty did think this spot is more of a weekday dinner spot as it’s in fidi.  See how I styled my customized vintage tee below for this fashionplate.

OOTD deets by designer/brand:

    • Gold sharktooth earrings
    • Tigers eye beaded bracelet
    • Black Alo moto leggings
    • Black Pierre Hardy wedges

Blue Ribbon Federal Grill: 84 William Stret, New York, NY

xx Tasch

Fashionplate- Goldie bodysuit at Chelsea Bell

Checkout this week’s fashionplate featuring our Goldie black and white cross print bodysuit at Chelsea Bell. Met a girlfriend here for a catch up lunch.  It was pretty empty but we still ended up sitting at the bar.  Started with some rose because hey it’s spring/almost summer.  We decided to split the buffalo chicken flatbread and the grilled cheese but got fries instead of the soup since we were sharing.  We loved the buffalo chicken flatbread.  It was just the perfect amount of spiciness and cheese and chicken ratio.  We also liked the grilled cheese and fries which were also yummy.  See how I styled this fashionplate below.

OOTD deets by designer/brand:

    • Olive green Creatures of Comfort cardi
    • Staggered hem Bianco jeans
    • Black and grey herringbone Manolo Blanik pumps


Chelsea Bell: 316 8th Ave., New York, NY

xx Tasch

Fashionplate- Ellie bodysuit at Pietro Nolita

17903391_1346560135425351_2072293669019575751_nCheckout the latest fashionplate featuring our Ellie bodysuit at the cutest little pink restaurant Pietro Nolita.  Layer are the way to go in this unpredictable spring weather. I have been wanting to check out this spot for a while so one Saturday afternoon me and a girl friend decided to finally check out this spot.  We made a plan to meet there at 5:45 since they don’t take reservations.  We got there and there were no two person tables available so we got cocktails at the bar.  I got the Nolarita which was very good.  Once we were seated we ordered the carta da musica which was flatbread with cheese and herbs so good, I wanted another one.I got the spagetto al pomodoro with extra cheese, a good classic and my friend got farfelle al funghi which she really enjoyed.  Now on to the fashion part of this fashionplate.  I refrained from pink overkill, although there were some people rocking the all pink everything look.  There were mostly girl groups and gay guys although there were a few brave boyfriends who were here with their girlfriends.  Dress to impress or go off duty model chic cool here.  See all the fashionplate ootd deets here.


OOTD deets by designer/brand:

    • Gold baugette earrings from Inda
    • White leather studded bracelet from bcbg
    • Black leather jacket from Barney’s
    • Black on black star Ultracor leggings
    • Blue plaid Christian Louboutin slingbacks


Pietro Nolita: 174 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY

xx Tasch

Fashionplate- Hoodie dress at Augustine

17457876_1329946823753349_2054286843332535241_nCheck out the latest fashionplate at Augustine in the gorgeous Beekman Hotel.  I met a friend here for brunch on a blustery Sunday and it was still packed so we grabbed seats at the bar.  The bartender was amazing and friendly and knowledgeable.  We started with some bloodies and much needed coffee.  Then we started with the cheese souffle, all I can say is OMG.  Amazing and decadent, I really wish more restaurants had cheese souffles on the menu.  I then ordered a Girl in the Park which was a great cocktail  I got Avocado and crab salad and my friend got the steak frites which I definitely ate some of.  Everything was amazing and it was a great lesuirely Sunday afternoon well spent.  There are so many interesting regulars that come here, dress to impress definitely a fun spot, I’ll be back.  See how I styled this fashionplate below.

OOTD deets by designer/brand:

    • Gold studded Rebecca Minkoff huggie earrings
    • Purple Wolford stockings
    • Black over the knee Stuart Weitzman boots
    • Camel Jcrew coat


Augustine: 5 Beekman St, New York, NY

xx Tasch

Fashionplate- Lana jogger pant at Shay & Ivy

fashionplateThis week’s fashionplate keeps us warm during brunch with our Lana jogger pants at Shay & Ivy in my hood.  One a cold Saturday I was meeting my family for brunch and decided to pick someplace close to home.  I bundled up even though it was a quick walk.  My cousin and me got there before my parents, so we ordered some coffee and avocado toast and caught up while we waited.  The avocado toast was super yummy and had pomegranate seeds on top.  When my parents showed up I needed a bloody mary which was good.  I got the burger which was great and I also loved the fries, crispy and thick.  I also sampled the chicken panini which was good and the virgina benedict which was really good and made on a biscuit instead.  We had a great time catching up.  It was pretty empty but hopefully as it gets warmer , more people will come for the outdoor concert.  See all the deets for this fashionplate below.



OOTD deets by designer/brand:

    • Diamond hoop earrings Dubai
    • Grey skull cashmere infinity scarf
    • Grey cropped Free people blazer
    • Black brandy melville bodysuit
    • Black and nude Valentino pumps


Shay & Ivy: 34 W 24th St New York, NY

xx Tasch